About Our Company

EpiAnalytics, the leader in real-time text and sentiment analysis, powers the world’s leading brands by transforming customer and employee comments and feedback into valuable insight that is utilized across an organization to power real-time business insights. 

We strive to be exceptional in everything we do and work tirelessly to create a unique corporate culture.   We are guided by our core values for conducting ourselves with our employees and clients and partners because we C-A-R-E.



Our Values

Client Focus. Everything we do is about achieving client success.  We are committed to delivering software products and services that make our clients thrive.  To succeed and earn the trust of our clients we must meet their expectations every single day, with every interaction, without exception.

Accountability. We hold accountability and integrity at the core of everything we do.  We are personally accountable for our actions to our clients, partners and each other.  We do not make commitments we do not intend to keep.  We believe that actions speak louder than words and try to lead by example in all that we do.

Respect. We foster an environment of teamwork and mutual respect.  We respect our peers, clients and partners.  Our client feedback goes into the products and processes we build and the results we deliver.  We respect diversity and openness.

Excellence. We are passionate about innovation and quality.  We believe that the pursuit of excellence is a continuous process and continuously evolve in everything we do, in our software products, services, best practices, support and partnerships.



Key Personnel

EpiAnalytics’ founders have a combined 35 years of the experience needed to create and operate world class solutions and organizations.  The team possesses over 20 years of direct experience in on-demand, real-time Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,  Natural Language Processing for business intelligence.

James Vecchio

Mr. Vecchio's background covers more than 20 years of entrepreneurial executive business experience. At EpiAnalytics Mr. Vecchio is responsible for sales and marketing, partnerships, and intellectual property management.  Prior to EpiAnalytics, he was the architect of Carlsbad, California-based Island Data Corporation’s strategic sales & marketing, and support activities where he leveraged his negotiation skills and emphasis on growing client relationships.  Island Data was acquired by LivePerson, Inc., LPSN (NASDAQ). San Diego-based call center technology company, ServiStream, and was an executive at two other Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM start-up ventures. An attorney, Jim began his business career in the corporate legal department at Ford Motor Company and later served as General Counsel for the publicly traded call center company SITEL Corporation, where he guided the company through successful $100 million IPO. Mr. Vecchio earned a JD, cum laude, from Michigan State University - College of Law, and undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University.

Scott Austin

Mr. Austin has over 15 years of executive expertise leading analytic software development and product teams. Prior to EpiAnalytics, he served as chief Technology Officer and VP of Engineering at Island Data, an analytics company measuring online purchase experience for market researchers acquired by LivePerson, Inc. There he led the product and engineering group creating on-demand business performance measurement software solutions. Prior to Island Data, Mr. Austin served as Director of Technology and Software Engineering for Current Analysis Inc. He also served as Chief Technology Officer for Associated Research Services, Inc. where he oversaw the development of business intelligence and content management software tools. Prior to Associated Research Services, Mr. Austin developed Early Warning network monitoring and management software for the State of Washington. Mr. Austin received a B.A. in Management Information Systems and Statistics from Washington State University. He also holds the following industry accreditations: MCSD, MCDBA, and MCSE.