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Original Equipment Manufacturers, pricing evaluation providers, auction solutions, and insurance and finance companies turn to EpiAnalytics to get As Built vehicle data, including options, trim, and package information on a 17-digit VIN. EpiAnalytics VINoptions solutions extracts unstructured data sources and delivers structured data you can use. Popular sources of VIN and Options Data resides in:

  • Window Sticker Data

  • Features / Option Data

  • Online New and Used Listings

  • Verified Build Data


Listen To Customers And Engage At Every Touchpoint

From social media to contact centers, showrooms to connected cars, there is more automotive customer feedback than ever before.   Combine that feedback with transactional data, vehicle descriptions and options, sales leads, and more and managing the automotive customer cycle is a complicated process. 

While engaging customers is an absolute priority for dealerships, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and service providers, the ability to listen, analyze and act on that data is fragmented.

Successful companies need a consistent solution to harness the right intelligence, at the right time; to drive customer loyalty and sales.  Integrated solutions from EpiAnalytics transforms messy, poorly structured data and deliver real-time data and intelligence so companies can deliver the right information at the right time.


Automotive data is valuable to your business

Automotive data is valuable to your business

Identify trends and relationships in sales and service processes that have the greatest impact on repeat purchases and loyalty.  Quickly identify dissatisfied customers, benchmark the sales and service experience across dealerships, isolate negative reviews for corrective action, promote positive reviews and identify parts driving the most positive and negative feedback.


Service providers can normalize text- data from vehicle option descriptions and comment data contained in online automotive listings.  Monetize this previously untapped source yielding a 30+% increase in available data to process through your proprietary data management solutions.


Call recordings are a major source of customer feedback for automotive dealers and OEMs.  Enhance your call management processes by applying text analytics and sentiment scoring resulting in the automatic tagged of call recordings raising crucial customer insights.  Analyze hundreds of calls simultaneously to quickly identify customer sales opportunities and monitor areas of customer dissatisfaction.  Make regulatory and legal compliance easier by storing and querying your customer data for violations and early warning indicators.

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Market researchers collect and validate customer feedback from mystery shopping, focus groups, research studies, and social media analysis, to drive smart customer-centric business decisions.  Extract information about your customers, their habits, and what motivates their decisions and shed light onto your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.  Deliver data that brings your organization closer to your customers, distribution channels and market opportunities. 


Continuously analyze all user-generated service and quality data to quickly spot emerging customer issues, manage negative social media, and automatically identify and correct defects before they become prevalent.