Big Data


The amount of data generated by the Automotive Industry is growing at an astonishing pace. The challenge of analyzing automotive data can be . daunting. Companies turn to EpiAnalytics artificial intelligence and big data analytics solutions. Our analytics allows automotive data to be merged and normalized regardless of the format.  These formats may include both structured and unstructured data. 

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Most companies have access to plenty of customer feedback in the form of surveys, contact center records, voice recordings. and social media posts.  This massive proliferation of customer data is only valuable when the data can be made actionable within an organization.

Manually reading all these comments and extracting structured data that can be stored and manipulated is not a simple or scaleable business process.  As a result, many companies possess an abundance of unstructured customer data that goes unutilized.

Expand your big data intelligence with EpiAnalytics NLP and text analytics.  Our machine learning is an excellent way of harnessing and amplifying your company's manual efforts and keep up with the growth of customer data.  Now you can tame your big data by adding structure and meaning that can be used across your organization in your CRM, business intelligence (BI), and big data analytics.


Thanks to systems like Hadoop and Spark, companies now have the ability to quickly process huge amounts of unstructured data that in the past would have just been left sitting in boxes and warehouses.  Organizations are beginning to understand the enormous value stored in the form of emails, support cases. text messages, social media posts, search queries, medical and legal records, and more.  

EpiAnalytics brings complex NLP solution and techniques to analyze this text data to help companies solve important business problems.