Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Know what your customers are thinking?

With hundreds of products and brands to manage and numerous customer feedback channels, CPG’s are challenged to effectively use customer feedback in their business operations.  A mountain of disparate information is created from millions of pieces of feedback and product data.   The resulting mess is difficult to analyze; making the task of gaining insights in real-time a tenuous and labor intensive operation.

What are your customers saying about your brand?

What are your customers saying about your brand?

But the intricacies of product and brand management necessitate real time analysis from a proven technology leader and partner.  EpiAnalytics, the leader in real-time text and sentiment analysis, provides solutions that power the world’s most recognized brands by finding valuable insight in customer and employee feedback, everywhere it is provided, including contact center notes, voice transcriptions, online communities, surveys and more. 


Call recordings are a major source of customer feedback for CPGs.  Enhance your call management processes by applying text analytics and sentiment scoring resulting in automatically tagged call recordings raising crucial customer insights.  Analyze hundreds of calls simultaneously to quickly identify high priority emerging issues, product suggestions and monitor areas of customer satisfaction.  Make regulatory and legal compliance easier by storing and querying your customer data for violations and early warning indicators.


In the age of social media, a single complaint can grow to a public relations nightmare in no time.  Leveraging text analysis to quickly understand and dispense issues in real time is critical to remaining on time of brand issues.


Continuously analyze all quality control data to quickly spot emerging customer and supplier issues, manage negative social media, and automatically identify and correct defects before they become prevalent.


From Product Management to Legal, Distribution to Marketing, the number of teams that rely on customer feedback to better manage their tasks is far reaching.  EpiAnalytics real-time reports distribute feedback relevant to the stakeholder so that they can take action on the issues effecting them and coordinate across teams when necessary.


Extract information about your competitor’s products, strengths and weaknesses by analyzing their public social media accounts.  Supplement Marketing’s efforts by delivering insights that bring your organization closer to their successes and issues through customers, distribution channels and market opportunities.