Contact Center

Put the power of text analytics to work in your contact center

The call center is often the first point of customer contact in your business and there is an enormous amount of customer feedback stored in call center notes, customer emails, and chat sessions.  By extracting insights and intelligence from customer feedback you can reduce average handle time (AHT), increase Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and achieve first call resolution (FCR), and identify emerging issues before they turn into major problems.

Agent quality control (QC)

Accurately and precisely identify and correct critical customer issues that distracted employees frequently overlook.  Identify agent performance, and compliance issues that reduce the cost of service and customer churn.

Sentiment analysis

Real-time sentiment analysis helps prioritize customer support requests and increase customer satisfaction.  Measures the “health” of your support center using sentiment and satisfaction scores.

Early warning solutions

Continuously analyze all call center notes, customer emails, and chat sessions to quickly spot emerging customer issues, automatically identify and correct defects in products and services before they become prevalent.

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Automate triage of support cases and systematically reduce Average Handle Times (AHT). EpiAnalytics embedded Natural Language Processing (NLP) systematically reduces the resources needed to analyze and route customer complaints and automates responses to customer issues.  With EpiAnalytics you can quickly identify the root cause of emerging issues.  Any by combining structured data into your analytics you can easily measure the performance of business units, geographical regions, retail outlets, and product lines.