Email and SMS

HArness customer reported issues in real-time to make your organization run better

      Make Email and SMS Data Actionable


  Make Email and SMS Data Actionable

The future of email and SMS management is here.  What if your company already had the data you need to improve your operations and understand your customers better?  It’s likely you already do, in the form of feedback and complaints your customers are providing right now in the thousands of emails to your customer service agents.

Email systems contain an abundance of valuable corporate intelligence and customer insights.  The challenge is unlocking in a systematic and timely manner.  EpiAnalytics text and sentiment analytics solutions built for this challenge.  Our customer feedback and Early Warning system uses proprietary natural language processing (NLP) and advanced text analytics to analyze and classify unstructured open-ended customer data.

Customer communications are not written perfectly and we have built our solutions specifically to address this “messy data” problem.  Our statistically-based analytics is particularly useful for email communications and the shorthand used in SMS text messaging.

Understanding customer communication patterns and trends in your email content. 

By Unwrapping this valuable treasure trove of customer insight reveals actionable information to help your businesses understand and service your customers better and help your company both make money or save money.

Automated Response and Routing: The Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule)

The Pareto principle simply means that roughly 80 percent of the emails you receive are likely caused by 20 percent of the issues customers report to your company.  EpiAnalytics can help you respond to routine customer email requests.  Our real-time engines mean that emails are analyzed in milliseconds so you can automatically respond to customers in real time.  Alternatively, you can routing important customer emails to the right agents for priority handling and response.