Invest Your Time in Great Service - Maximize CX with Insights

It is tempting for companies of all sizes and maturity to try to reduce the time employees spend manual tasks, but when it comes to customer service, this may be a mistake.  Investing the time and resources to resolve customer issues will boost loyalty, increase retention, improve customer satisfaction, and save money by avoiding future problems.  Leading companies will engage customers with highly skilled employees as long as it takes to take care of customer issues.  he real pay off is the customer experience and the ability to learn from the support data. 

Companies have to make sure they are focusing on the right metrics.  For example, it is difficult to maximize customer satisfaction while you incentivize the customer support team to reduce response times.  The customer experience is important and customers wont forget a great service experience, conversely, they wont forget a bad experience.  Train your team to take the time to listen to customers and prioritize complete problem resolution over fast problem resolution.  Think of it as a learning experience.  Maximizing the customer experience is the job of everyone in the company.  Make sure customer support shares data and insights with other departments, such as marketing, product development, and engineering, that can close the feedback loop and help with solutions.