Call Center Innovation – The Startups that Lead the Pack

Hagai Shaham | Nov 23, 2016 219 views

While mainstream tech trends follow in the footsteps of established and successful companies, it is often the small and innovative startups that drive change and introduce disruptive solutions. These are the companies that send an industry in new and exciting directions.

We are on a trajectory towards a consumer centric world. Customer support startups are springing up everywhere, presenting unique ideas that are changing the way we think about “customer service.”

Some of these innovative startups focus on the agents themselves, by helping them to better perform, while others are disrupting customer service as we know it, utilizing cutting edge technology such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and advanced big data analytics.

Look at these “game-changing” startups to see where customer service is headed.

1) AirCall

Is a completely cloud based customer support system, which a company uses to set up their own call center in a matter of minutes. The AirCall app features every traditional call center tool without requiring a company to purchase equipment or spend a fortune in startup costs. Best of all, every call center essential can be accessed from a smartphone.

Some of the most important features of AirCall include: the ability to purchase multiple phone numbers, teammates can easily be added to the dashboard, and that phone calls can be replaced and received on any phone.

It’s the perfect system for a small company looking to expand into the customer service world because it practically eliminates the risk traditionally associated with investing in a call center. With AirCall, customer service representatives are now able to work from anywhere on their mobile phone. They have literally taken the “center” out of “call center.”

2) TechSee

Provides a disruptive platform for Intelligent Visual Support, which allows tech support agents to see exactly what their customer sees and use augmented reality to visually guide them.

The platform completely changes the support process by moving it from a “blind” experience to a visual one, which delivers a significantly easier, faster, and more satisfying support experience. They are turning every support session into a virtual tech visit.

In addition, TechSee is collecting the visual data from those support interactions and using its proprietary machine vision algorithm to optimize support in real time. This data is the underlying asset for building a visual support bot.

3) EpiAnalytics

Uses big data analytics to provide key customer service insights. The system collects all customer interactions across different channels (customer complaints, feedback, surveys, emails, social media, and call logs).The data is then analyzed and structured into powerful and comprehensive insights that provide companies with the conviction to optimize their customers’ experience.

EpiAnalytics helps brands to optimize their service. Their system identifies good and bad customer experiences, analyzes the effects that those experiences have on customers and the reputation of the company’s brand, and finally it makes powerful insights about changes that need to be made.  

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