Actionable Social ROI


EpiInsights transforms social comments into structured data that delivers maximum operational business value. Our AppExchange experience working with Marketing & Sales, Customer Support, and Product & Service delivery teams has honed our focus. Now you can super-charge your business by automating social processes and make social media comments more actionable. By helping you easily listen to the voices of your customers, you'll be able to provide the highest quality customer care across your organization. Now your company can route social leads to your sales team and ensure customer support is aware of social complaints and service requests.

Urgent customer issues will not be missed – analyze 100% of social customer comments.


EpiInsights helps put social media comments to work for you. Once you install EpiAnalytics in your Insights platform the Actionable Insights start to automate business processes by identifying the most useful comments for your business. 

With EpiAnalytics Actionable Insights, your business can automate a workflow and create a River of News to listen to, engage, sell, and provide support to your social customers and prospects. Companies can configure EpiInsights to address virtually any business objective.

Granularity of Insights

By leveraging the EpiInsights the granularity and detail of analysis and reports is taken to a whole new level. Clients can drill-down to segmented comments, and combine EpiInsights with other structured data to generate comments and summaries that can be consumed across all departments within an organization as can be seen in the Actionable Insight Report below.

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