EpiAnalytics transformative text analytics solutions turn customer feedback and complaints into actionable intelligence

Industry analysts report that unstructured text is the single largest source of unprocessed and underutilized customer data and is growing rapidly in today's customer- centric world. Over 80% of customer data is unstructured, noisy, and on average, the data is doubling every three months. Harnessing this data is critical to competitive growth, and sometimes even company survival.

EpiAnalytics transformative text analytics solutions turn customer complaints and feedback from existing corporate sources, such as surveys, emails, social media, and call center data into actionable intelligence, for decision support and business workflow automation. 

Analysts report that over 80% of data about customers is unstructured. 

We Provide Structure in an Unstructured World  


 EpiAnalytics systematic text analytics solutions help businesses understand and derive value and insights from textual data.



Business Need

Contact centers face unique cost control challenges and resemble manufacturing assembly lines. Processes tend to be fixed and routine. All centers strive for operational efficiency seeking to stay ahead of intensely growing competition while maintaining quality of service.

This quest for efficiencies in the contact center is driving the adoption of text analytics and sentiment analysis. Companies need to monitor customer conversations about their service, products, and brands across multiple sources to gain a competitive advantage. Companies in turn use this operational intelligence to gain a competitive advantage, manage customer perceptions and increase customer satisfaction.

Often text-based data is stored and left unprocessed either because companies lack a systematic solution to analyze unstructured content, or because of the lack of in-house expertise and the high cost required for implementing text analytics solutions.

By leveraging the power of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, partners such as EpiAnalytics are empowering companies to turn insights from millions of conversations about their products, brand and industry into actions that strengthen customer relationships
— Michael Lazerow, CMO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud