Homegrown Platforms and Solutions

Our Open Api's mean you can Stick to your knitting


Build vs. buy decision

With open API’s EpiAnalytics solutions plug into your homegrown customer feedback repositories and data infrastructures.  In the build vs. buy decision, buying EpiAnalytics text analytics has never been easier.

It's difficult for companies to justify keeping full time text analytics and integration experts on staff. Instead, companies have found that it’s easy to use EpiAnalytics and shift the burden of maintaining and troubleshooting text analytics solutions to the EpiAnalytics experts. 

Common Platforms

EpiAnalytics has built text analytics API integrations with popular survey providers including GetFeedback, Qualtrics and native Salesforce.com survey offerings.  For clients that store customer survey data in a CRM, to gain a 360 degree view of the customer, our comprehensive solutions  can classify open-ended responses and trigger context-based workflows.   Making customer feedback truly actionable.

A more fluid user-friendly alternative

Our open integration architecture allows you to get up and running quickly.  By bringing text analytics into your existing technology infrastructure and business processes you can focus on what your company does best and create a true sustainable competitive advantage.