Insurance & Financial Service

Build loyalty: use customer feedback as an early indicator of emerging customer problems

B uild lasting relationships                                        focused on customers.

Insurance and Financial Services companies collect huge amounts of customer feedback and unstructured data in emails, social media, employee notes, surveys, and research studies.  Unfortunately, customer communications are ambiguous, poorly written, and key themes are hidden in open-ended, unstructured comments buried in text data that are not easy to extract or process - and no one has the time to read it all.  Worst of all, most of the intelligence in customer feedback remains buried and never makes it into the corporate decision-making process - literally leaving millions of dollars “on-the-table”.  EpiAnalytics feedback solutions makes it easy to maximize customer communications.


Identify trends in customer feedback, quickly identify dissatisfied customers and benchmark the sales and service experience to isolate negative experiences for corrective action.


Continuously analyze all customer feedback to quickly spot emerging regulatory issues and correct defective processes before they become prevalent. 


Embedded Natural Language Processing (NLP) systematically reduce the time and resources needed to analyze customer feedback in emails, call notes, and surveys.   Quickly identify the root cause of emerging issues.   Combining structured data into your analytics helps you measure the performance of business units, geographical regions, particular stores, and products.

Reduce Churn

Leverage customer feedback to enhance customer loyalty ensuring that your company practices, representatives, and fees, provide the best experience for your customers. Quickly identify at-risk customers as they communicate with you.