Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a social marketing suite, empowering brands to make better business decisions in marketing, sales and service.   EpiAnalytics has unified its customer insight solutions with the Marketing Cloud's social listening, content, engagement, advertising, workflow automation and measurement capabilities.  With this combined solution, you can extend your customer feedback analytics to social media.

EpiAnalytics SOCIAL Insights Types and Subtypes

Use EpiAnalytics in your Marketing Cloud and make use of advanced sentiment measures and Insight Type to track important business issues.  Each Insight Type is designed to resonate with a departmental business stakeholder.

EpiAnalytics Insight Package for the Marketing Cloud is designed specifically for the Social Customer Support team.  So you can identify the top actionable business drivers, and enable your company to quickly identify and react to customer issues and opportunities before they become viral or spoil.

EpiAnalytics“Insights Types” are derived from over a decade of research and experience.  Here are some example Insight Types: 

  • Support Case: tagging social comments seeking customer support @GameCompanySupport "my account isn’t letting me Sign In"
  • Attrition Risk: tagging social comments from at-risk consumers #InternationalAirlines "#sucks is the worst ever. I will never fly them. Just got bumped because they book too many people."
  • Sales Opportunity: tagging social comments with purchase intent @CreditCardCompany "is there a way to use my points to buy my friend an airline ticket?"
  • Loyalty: tagging social comments from advocates @ePhone "If you're an iPhone user, I recommend you download the News app. Its’ awesome."
  • Advanced Sentiment: Further refine and segment social comments with advanced sentiment

EpiAnalytics for the Marketing Cloud enables your company to quickly identify and react to customer issues and opportunities before they become go viral or spoil.  With EpiAnalytics you can identify and understand the social posts that matter most to your business.