EpiAnalytics Lead Smart™ for the AppExchange Now Available

The Lead Qualification and Automation solution that quickly routes your hottest Leads to the right sales queue based on customer sentiment.

Carlsbad, CA, June 15, 2009 -- EpiAnalytics, Inc. announced the availability of Lead Smart™ on the Force.com for AppExchange. A lead qualification and routing solution, Lead Smart automatically analyzes leads and quickly routes the hottest leads to the right sales queue based on customer sentiment.

The solution is designed for use by both Marketing Managers and Sales Managers. Lead Smart's easy-to-use interface allows Marketing Managers to quickly streamline the lead nurturing and conversion process by automatically identifying and then routing "hot" leads to sales. For Sales Managers, Lead Smart helps by delivering qualified and prioritized leads directly to the sales force, thus ensuring that the sales team is engaged with real opportunities. The net result is higher contact and closing ratios. With Lead Smart your company will never miss a hot sales opportunity again.

Key features and benefits of Lead Smart include:

  • Automated lead scoring / sentiment analysis • Automated, real-time lead assignment to a sales queue
  • Respond to interested leads 24x7 via automated email response
  • Increase contact and closing rates by connecting with the most interested leads
  • Identify and distribute leads that have the highest propensity to buy

"Lead Smart is a perfect complement for integrated organizations that want a 360 degree view of their customers," said Jim Vecchio, EpiAnalytics co-founder. "By combining Lead Smart with Smart Case companies can turn their contact centers into revenue generating profit centers and stop leaving money on the table."

EpiAnalytics believes that the decision to deploy powerful, embedded analytical solutions, such as Lead Smart, should not be complex. Instead, the decision should be guided by the rate of return on investment and the solution's usefulness. "By deploying Lead Smart and Smart Case, it is possible to bring actionable marketing, sales, and customer care information together quickly and easily in one place. This means that powerful analytics can now be embedded into existing business processes without requiring multiple system integrations," said Scott Austin, EpiAnalytics Chief Software Architect.

Lead Smart is the easy-to-use, lead qualification solution that measures sentiment in real-time and automates the best-next-sales activity. Salesforce Customers can contact EpiAnalytics today for a Lead Smart test drive and deployment at sales@epianalytics.com.

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About EpiAnalytics, Inc.

EpiAnalytics, Inc.(http://www.EpiAnalytics.com) delivers on-demand sales and contact center analytics & automation solutions that are easy to set up, easy to maintain, and are easy to use. A key advantage to EpiAnalytics' technology is that the solutions are embedded directly into salesforce.com and a company's existing workflows. This automation of manual human activities improves sales, marketing and customer support business processes and operational performance resulting in reduced costs and increased revenue by improving organizational efficiencies.

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