EpiAnalytics Smart Case™ Now Available on the Force.com AppExchange from Salesforce.com


San Francisco, CA, November 3, 2008 -- EpiAnalytics, Inc., during salesforce.com’s Dreamforce 2008 User and Developer Conference, announced the availability of Smart Case™ on the Force.com AppExchange. A contact center analytics and automation solution, Smart Case automatically identifies the reason why a customer is contacting an organization and routes the request to the appropriate person. This automation technology replaces manual efforts. Built using the Force.com platform, Smart Case is immediately available for test drive and deployment on the Force.com AppExchange athttp://www.salesforce.com/appexchange/detail_overview.jsp?id=a0330000006b8nVAAQ.

Specific benefits of Smart Case include:

  • Lower Costs: through automated routing and response
  • Increased Efficiencies: saving time at setup and through better resource utilization
  • Enhanced Risk Identification: ensuring important issues don’t fall through the cracks

So whether a customer has a problem or presents an opportunity, EpiAnalytics makes sure that the right corporate stakeholder quickly receives the information.

“In today’s competitive business environment, every company must hold on to the customers they have, and at the same time ‘do more with less.’ This presents a challenge: cutting costs while maintaining customer retention. Smart Case is a very easy-to-use solution that helps companies achieve the balance of lowering costs while maximizing the customer experience,” said Jim Vecchio, co-founder of EpiAnalytics.

EpiAnalytics believes that the decision to deploy analytical solutions should not be complex. Instead, the decision should be guided by the rate of return on investment and the solution’s usefulness. Smart Case for the Force.com AppExchange eliminates the need for a separate data warehouse and the requirement for expensive business analysts. Smart Case’s easy-to-use, labor-saving features include: One-Click Integration™ and an apprentice learning system that learns from Agent activities and leverages existing business processes.

“The practice of solving simple business problems with multiple disconnected systems and dashboards has come to an end,” said Scott Austin, EpiAnalytics co-founder. “Smart Case for the Force.com AppExchange makes it possible to get useful and actionable information quickly and easily in one place. This means that powerful analytics can now be embedded into existing business processes without requiring multiple system integrations.”

“The power of Force.com AppExchange lies in its wealth of applications designed by companies with specific areas of business expertise,” said Clarence So, chief marketing officer at salesforce.com. “EpiAnalytics’ Smart Case helps salesforce.com customers to extend the value of their Salesforce CRM deployments with a solution targeted at getting their customers to the right resource quickly and efficiently.”

Smart Case for Force.com AppExchange is immediately available for test drive and deployment at:http://www.salesforce.com/appexchange.

About the Force.com Platform and AppExchange
Force.com is the only proven Platform as a Service for building and running business applications in the cloud. The Force.com platform powers the Salesforce CRM applications, more than 800 ISV partner applications like those from CODA and Fujitsu, and more than 85,000 custom applications used by salesforce.com’s 47,700 customers such as Japan Post, Kaiser Permanente, KONE and Sprint Nextel.

Force.com is the fastest platform for building and deploying complex business applications. Unlike a stack of disparate client/server hardware and software products, Force.com unifies the development and deployment model from the database to the device, allowing developers to easily assemble applications with clicks, components and code, and then instantly deploy them on salesforce.com’s trusted global infrastructure. Customers and partners are using Force.com to build all kinds of business applications from supply chain management to compliance tracking, brand management, accounts receivable, claims processing applications and much more.

Applications built on the Force.com platform can be easily distributed to the entire SaaS community through the Force.com AppExchange marketplace athttp://www.salesforce.com/appexchange/.

About EpiAnalytics, Inc. 
EpiAnalytics, Inc.(http://www.EpiAnalytics.com) delivers on-demand contact center analytics and automation solutions that are easy to set up, easy to maintain, and are easy to use. The solution automates manual human efforts to improve service and support business processes and operational performance resulting in reduced operational costs, increased efficiencies, and enhanced risk identification.

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