Ten Million Customer Transactions, EpiAnalytics reaches a major milestone

On-demand contact center business intelligence company reaches a major milestone as industry shifts to Software-as-a-Service

CARLSBAD - December 3, 2010 – EpiAnalytics, Inc., the technology leader in on-demand business intelligence and automation solutions, today announced it has reached and surpassed a major milestone. The company’s intelligent text analytic software, SmartCase™, automates manual human efforts to improve organizations’ service and support business processes and operational performance, and has analyzed and processed more than 10,000,000 client transactions per day.

"Reaching this significant milestone in less than 18 months speaks to the level of demand for solutions like ours,” said president, Jim Vecchio. “Our clients trust EpiAnalytics with their most valuable asset – their customer interactions.  Therefore when we enable our clients to deliver high quality service while reducing their effort and cost to do so, we are able to drive significant business value.”

Several world-class customer contact centers have installed EpiAnalytics’ solutions and have realized improvements in their Dashboards’ of Success in the following areas:

  • Case Automation Rate: 75% of all inbound customer service requests
  • Overall Agent Productivity: 120% increase
  • Customer Response Speed: 600% increase
  • Time In Queue: 65% reduction
  • Overall Support Productivity: 25% increase
  • Customer Satisfaction: 20% increase
  • Employee Satisfaction: 50% increase
  • First Contact Resolution Rate: 10% increase
  • SLA compliance: from 15% to nearly 100%, using the same number of agents

EpiAnalytics’ real-time business intelligence solutions integrate directly with the agent desktop to help automate contact handling and increase agent efficiencies by:

  • Guiding agent to answers versus agents trying to find best solutions in an ambiguous reference manual or convoluted knowledge hierarchy.
  • Reducing the amount of time required to maintain training documentation and reference materials related to product information and customer service processes.
  • Improving data accuracy and customer experience consistency.

“We are delivering on our solution strategy to help our clients capture, analyze and make rapid, informed decisions that improve their service operations AND their customers’ experience,” said Vecchio.  "This milestone is a reflection of the incredible momentum and adoption of our solutions and is further evidenced by our plans for rapid expansion of our text analytics capabilities to a variety of European languages for key global clients.”

Other milestones achieved include established partnerships with Microsoft, Salesforce.com, Rackspace, inContact, Astadia, and ExactTarget.  The company has also experienced an increase in installations of 400%, followed by a revenue increase of 300%.

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EpiAnalytics, Inc. http://www.EpiAnalytics.com delivers on-demand contact center analytics and automation solutions that are easy to set up, easy to maintain, and are easy to use. The solution automates manual human efforts to improve service and support business processes and operational performance resulting in reduced operational costs, increased efficiencies, and enhanced risk identification.
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