360 Degree View - Everything Connected

EpiAnalytics Reports & Dashboards

EpiAnalytics offers a suite of integrated AI and Machine Learning solutions that connects all your existing customer relationship data in support cases, surveys, and agent notes with packaged, real-time solutions via the AppExchange.  By empowering your CRM with EpiAnalytics integrated solutions, companies can automate workflow rules based on the classification of content in unstructured comments.

You can extend our solutions by leveraging our open APIs to push metadata from customer feedback and survey analysis into the account record for a true 360 degree view of the customer.  Custom integrations using our open API’s allow you to push and pull customer feedback data into your existing systems, including homegrown solutions, business intelligence, big data, or reporting application.

Customers simply log into the application that they use every day, and click on the Reports and Dashboards that contain intelligence from customer feedback at their finger tips.  Our solutions offer fast, easy-to-use text and sentiment analytics so your company can actively reduce costs and gain consumer insight. Make better customer-focused decisions and automate response of customer service requests and survey comments.

  • Improve agent efficiencies: automatically classify email-to-case comments by automating response and routing of consumer requests and feedback comments 

  • Uses insights from customer feedback to improve customer satisfaction

  • Easy–to-use text analytics application for Social and Chatter sentiment analysis

  • Push text classifications into Objects and use dashboards and reports to share insights and provide automatic collaboration across functional departments

  • Connect multiple types of feedback from Leads and Cases to surveys and social media

  • Accurately measure and deliver ROI and business results

  • Gain in-depth sentiment analysis and eliminate hours of manual analysis

  • Discover trends and emerging issues so you can and identify customer service problems before they escalate