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Net Promoter Score (NPS®) is one of the most popular and proven metrics for measuring and acting on customer loyalty data.  The Net Promoter Score customer loyalty metric was developed by (and is a registered trademark of) Fred ReichheldBain & Company, and NICE Satmetrix.

How It Works

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are determined by subtracting the percentage of customers who are detractors from the percentage who are promoters.  The NPS can be score between -100 and 100.  If all customers surveyed gave a score equal to or lower than 6 this would yield a NPS of -100, on the other hand, if all customers surveyed gave a score of 9 or 10, that would yield a NPS of 100.

Customer Feedback Comment Provide Insight and Color to NPS

Customers provide valuable feedback at multiple touch points along the customer journey. This feedback can be both structured (0-10 recommend score) and unstructured.  The unstructured, unfiltered customer feedback provides the reason for the recommend sore and provide instruction on how a company can improve.

Unfortunately this open-ended feedback data remains trapped and unutilized because organizations cannot categorize and decode this important source of customer feedback. They need a way to hear and understand the voice of their customers. 

EpiAnalytics offers a suite of packaged solutions that integrates with Satmetrix platform solutions.  Using our integrated solutions, Satmetrix customers can analyze the unstructured comments coming in from their surveys and build rich reports based on the outcomes.  Continually report on your feedback as you collect it.

Streamline processes and manage large quantities of feedback

Classifying and tagging open-ended customer feedback allows you to discover themes and advanced sentiment to help understand your customer experience in new ways.   You can identify emerging customer themes and drill down to uncover root causes.   Segment detractors feedback to find the topics that are responsible for driving negative experiences.   Isolate promoter feedback to identify positive feedback and republish it on your social media channels.  

By systematically tagging your open-ended customer feedback you can put the voice of your customer within the reach of your entire organization.  Eliminate the time-consuming, inconsistent, and cost prohibitive process of hiring a team to read tens of thousands of customer comments one by one.  Instead, take advantage of our integrated software to perform these tasks.

Text and Sentiment Analytics integrated into Satmetrix platform

The EpiAnalytics Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology is seamlessly integrated and  delivers results that are more consistent than those of human coders.   Studies have shown that humans will statistically only agree less than 80% of the time. Our NLP engine captures the domain expertise and knowledge of your organization and apply this knowledge consistently well beyond the capabilities of human coders so you can confidently:

  • Reduce cost of manually tagging customer feedback

  • Reduce human errors for better data consistency and accuracy

  • Manage open-ended customer feedback making it actionable in your operations

  • Manage all your NPS and open-ended customer feedback from one repository

  • Identify the KEY DRIVERS of Promoters and Detractors