Intelligence, Automation, Efficiency

SmartCase™ is a contact center business intelligence and process automation solution.  This real-time, integrated, artificial intelligence (AI) solution  automatically identifies the reason why a customer is contacting an organization.  SmartCase provides a management tool your company can use to actively reduce costs and intelligence for strategic decision making you need to make informed customer-focused decisions.

Automate email and support Case Triage

  Start Now, easy AppExchange installation!!!

  Start Now, easy AppExchange installation!!!

Put the SmartCase NLP and machine learning technology to work for your service organization to route emails and Cases to the right agent queue and to automate responses.  SmartCase learns from your best agents and applies your existing routing logic to deflect more Cases and reduce handle times.  Now your service representatives can spend less time reading and routing and more time delighting customers.

Since SmartCase is offered through the Salesforce AppExchange the solution leverages all the native reports and dashboards so you can track your Return On Investment (ROI) in real-time. 


                                               EpiAnalytics Service Cloud Reports and Dashboards

Key Benefits

SmartCase automation technology replaces and augments manual agent efforts. Specific benefits include:

  • Increased contact center efficiencies: analyze every support contact in real-time to increase speed and accuracy and trigger workflow rules.
  • Operational Business Intelligence: operational reports on key metrics, trends and sentiment analysis.
  • Better leverage of support resources: use customer complaint and CRM data to increase efficiencies, cut costs and reduce call volumes.
  • Enhanced Risk Identification: ensuring important critical issues don’t fall through the cracks.

Whether a customer has a problem or presents an opportunity, EpiAnalytics makes sure that the right corporate stakeholder quickly receives the information.

Return on Investment

Calculating the Return on Investment is quick and easy, here is a sample of what our clients have been able to achieve with SmartCase: 

  • Automated Deflection Rate: 75% of all inbound requests
  • Overall Agent Productivity: 120% increase
  • Customer Response Speed: 600% increase
  • Time In Queue: 65% reduction
  • Overall Support Productivity: 25% increase
  • Customer Satisfaction: 20% increase
  • Employee Satisfaction: 50% increase
  • First Contact Resolution Rate: 10% increase
  • SLA compliance: from 15% to nearly 100%

Global contact center organizations use SmartCase to automate triage and to enhance manual reading and routing with precise analytics and real-time automation ensuring that agents work smarter not harder.

SmartCase™ Data Sheet