Software and Technology

Harness the Voice of the Customer to Identify Root cause and Understand what customers care about most

A growing number of software and technology firms both business-to-business (B-to-B), and business-to-consumer (B-to-C), are realizing the value of customer feedback.  This data passively and proactively being collected across the organization in the form of customer support communication, survey responses, and social media conversations. This voice of the customer is being captured but is often underutilized because formal analysis of the unstructured data can be a daunting task.

Software and technology companies need to reliability monitor customer feedback to effectively manage customer reported issues and learn from consistent root causes.  Your company can maximize the voice of the customer analyzing all your unstructured data in an easily digestible, integrated environment

Integration with CRM Solutions

By integrating with CRM solutions such as, EpiAnalytics can help to trigger workflow rules based on customer feedback, and can push metadata from feedback analysis into the account record for a true 360 degree view of the customer.


Analyze and manage all open-ended complaints and customer feedback stored in your CRM, in your surveys, on forums and social media, to identify patterns and make data-driven predictions.


Early warning solution quickly spot emerging customer issues, manage negative social media, and automatically identify System Outages or Billing Issues.


Accurately and precisely identify and correct critical customer feedback that distracted employees frequently overlook.


Gain market share by benchmarking and measuring consumer sentiment about your products while gaining insight into your competitors' products.