Voice-To-Text: Speech Analytics 

Call recordings to call centers and automobile dealerships are a major source of customer interaction data and feedback.  Storing audio as a WAV file is not an efficient way to harness the customer feedback contained in that file.  A person has to listen to each recording in its entirety and there is no way to efficiently categorize the recording for segmentation. 

EpiAnalytics Speech-to-Text solutions automatically transcribes your audio into manageable text files, our best-in-class, real-time text analytics classifies the text in the same way a person would listen to the audio.  This highly scalable process is completed within seconds to identify and measure call types, customer insights, agent performance, and compliance risks.

Benefits of using our speech-to-text analytics

Customer contact center managers use our analytics to make better, more informed decisions validated through customer interactions and insights.   Now you can leverage our industry-specific classifications so you can hit the ground running.  We enable you to maximize every customer interaction so you can:

Improve Key Performance Indicators

    Reduce Call Handle Time

    Increase First Contact Resolution

    Improve Sales / Increase Retention


Call Analytics & Root Cause

    Call Driver Analysis

    Decision Support for Change Management

    Monitor Campaign Performance

Improved Customer Experience

    Operationalize Voice of Customers

    Root Causes of Customer Dissatisfaction

    Sentiment Analysis

Quality Assurance / Risk Management

    New Issue Identification / Early Warning

    More Comprehensive QA Monitoring

    Enhance Regulatory Compliance

    Improve Risk Management

Features you can use 

  • Automatically deliver customer calls to agents for quick follow up
  • Analyze all of your customer calls from sales, service, or phone-based surveys
  • Machine Learning reduces the demand for manual Quality Assurance resources
  • Classify data for storage in CRM systems and business intelligence (BI) solutions
  • Evaluate agent performance for compliance and to improve the customer experience
  • Stay ahead of compliance requirements with early warning of emerging issues and violations.